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You Share We Care: How you and your friends can earn from newly launched Sportzax Referral Competition Program

Sportzax is launching its first Referral Program to spread rewards to more sports fans and community. With this Referral Campaign, we aim to benefit you and your friends by joining Sportzax.

We will be comping up with Referral Program on May 27, 2020, where you can win up to 1 lakh just by referring. That’s it!! Simple.. isn’t it? Increase your Referral Counts and brighten your chances for winning cash directly into your bank account.

Here is Step by Step guide for how you can refer your Gang?

    1. Download Sportzax and complete your KYC
    2. Go to Setting>Invite & Earn. You can either Copy your Referral Code or share your Referral code in your social media groups and other interfaces.
    3. You can also see your Referral counts in the same tab of Invite & Earn.

Excited..!! Well, let us tell you how You Share We Care Referral Competition Program works?

· You have 3 friendsRajesh, Suresh, and Mahesh. You have Sportzax account, and you are inviting them using your referral code.

· After creating Sportzax account using your referral code Rajesh and Mahesh have uploaded KYC documents however, Suresh hasn’t uploaded his KYC document.

· Hence, Suresh will be counted as your referral but wouldn’t be counted in You Share We Care Referral Program. So your Referral count will be considered as 2 in this campaign.

*So it is mandatory to ensure that your Referrals have KYC approved account.


You Share We Care campaign will start from May 27, 2020, — July 27, 2020. 2-month competition

Every Week Sportzax will share the leaderboard on Social Media platforms (links are below) where you can check the rankings of 1–10. This ranking will depend on the Referral Counts.

At the end of the contest,Top 10 ranks will be given the cash prize depending on the ranks.

Referral Rank (This Referral Ranks will be updated on every alternate day.

The final ranks will be disclosed on july 27’20). :

RankReferral IDReferral Count
Rank 1tinkQGndIc5Q323
Rank 2BhimxRqjSP3f318
Rank 3Faisjcaaq0js310
Rank 4UjesqqbDG1SJ306
Rank 5SuryAkjyuDJi302
Rank 6Madh9r2Qx1Pm291
Rank 7BhavgHULISZj284
Rank 8Rinky3b1YdDW282
Rank 9pratf525XZLC247
Rank 10HorrD6YsOVPd229

Sign Up and set up your account before the competition starts with Sportzax and just by referring start earning.

Live and Love Sports

Ab Khelenge Ji Jaan Se!!

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to reach us out on and will be happy to help you.