Points & Scores – Faq

Your points will be calculated basis on the on-field performance of your selected players in live match. Check our Fantasy Point Table for more information.

The points usually get updated in every few minutes. However, the final points, teams’ total and your rank are calculated and updated after the completion of the match. The declaration of winners and distribution of winnings is accomplished only after the verification by Sportzax.

The points are added basis of on-field performance of their selected players. Thus, the points are awarded only after the beginning of the live match.

If there is a tie between you and other participants, the amount will be distributed equally and ranks will be merged.

No there are no points added for a Super Over in a match.

You can check the points by clicking on scorecard. For cross checking please visit Fantasy Point Table and calculate the points you earn from your team.

Yes, the point will be retained with the scores of him. If he is back on the field, he will again be eligible for further scoring.

No, scoring points will be eligible on your selected 11 players in a team.