Contests – Faq

Just by a single tap on Join button you can join any contest easily.

Current Prize Pot – As users are entering in the contests, the prize money of the contest will increase accordingly. Sportzax aims to provide a transparent platform where actual users only compete and win prizes. Maximum Prize Pot – The maximum limit of participants who can join the contests and maximum limit of the contest prize rise. For E.g There is a contest of 100 Rs approx. (Maximum Prize Pot), Participants – 10, Entry fee – 10 Rs. Now instead of 10 there are 5 participants who has joined the contest, then the current prize pot will be 50 Rs approx. (5 participants x 10 Rs Entry fees = 50 Rs approx.). So if there is no other new participants, and the deadline is passed, the contest prize money will be 50 Rs approx. instead of 100 Rs approx. and the winning distribution will change accordingly before the match starts.

Our aim is to be transparent and ensure each and every users have the fair chance of winning. By implementing a Peer to Peer concept in the contests, there will be no backend generated teams or no filling spots by the company. The prize money will be dynamic and keeps on changing as users join. Hence No Computer generated teams and No manipulation will be done on this platform. Sportzax is a platform where users wins only with the sports skills.

We do have a dynamic platform, hence as users comes in and join the contests the current prize pot and breakdown fluctuates. It will be stable once the deadlines will be passed before the match starts. Ranking system fluctuates because of the changes in the collective scores of the teams due to the on-field performance of the player you choose.

Every contests on Sportzax will have a deadline of 30 minutes before the match starts. So before the deadline you can join the contests.

There is no limitation of changing your team players once you joined the contest. But you can change or edit your team till 10 minutes before the match starts.

Select the contest and click on the Winners option. This will show you the detail breakdown of winners and winning % for each rank.

The amount will be distributed once the match ends and calculations are done and display the results. The amount will directly credited into your registered bank account. As per the rule if your winning is above Rs 10,000 then there will be a tax deduction as per government policies.

In such scenarios, match will be considered as Complete and the winning will be distributed as per the live match and the points you earned

Relax!! If the match is abandoned or cancelled the joining fees will be refunded back to your Sportzax wallet

The winners are decided with the collection of points earn from his team. Participant who has highest points of his team is consider as winner with a ranking system

We have a Peer to Peer platform where our contest prize money is not fixed or static as per the deadline. So we have integrate the % value in winning instead of fix value. As the deadlines of the contest pass, the ranking and breakup will be static automatically.