Cash Winnings and Bonus – Faq

We will update the final scores immediately after the match ends. You can check the breakdown which will have your rank, points you earned from the match, % of winning. The winning will be credited automatically into your Sportzax wallet.

The process involves verification, calculation of points, ranks and distribution. So it takes a bit of time to declare the results. Once done the winning amount will automatically credited into your Sportzax wallet

Cash bonus is the collection of your referral and signup bonus. You can only use cash bonus to join the contest. How does my cash balance will get utilized? Sportzax will first deduct the balance from your cash bonus, then it will be deducted from your winning balance followed by your deposit balance What are the bonus I am getting? There are different type of bonuses you will be getting which are as follow: Sign Up Bonus – You will receive a scratch card when you will first time log in into the application. The scratch card has an amount of Rs 10 to Rs 500. You can utilize this bonus as a discount for entry fee while joining the contest Referral Bonus – You will get a referral bonus of Rs200. Rs 50 is when your referral sign up using your referral code and Rs 150 when your referral verifies with us. You can utilize this bonus as a discount for entry fee while joining the contest Referral Winning Bonus – If your referral wins any contests, Sportzax will give you a bonus as a Referral Winning bonus. We believe that because of you he wins and we appreciate your efforts. The bonus will be given from company’s share of profit depending upon the contests. This share will be distributed equally to all the referrant whose referral wins. *This bonus will add into your winning amount and can be withdraw into your registered bank account

Yes, it will be expired after 15 days from the date you received your bonus. So we would suggest you to use as much as you can by joining the contests.

You can withdraw your winning amount but you cannot withdraw cash bonus. As per the terms Cash Bonus can only be utilize for joining the contest.